We specialize in developing high performing ecommerce websites designed to boost your revenue and keep customers engaged. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored solutions that elevate your customer’s user experience.

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Digital Commerce
Digital Strategy
Custom Software
Digital Commerce
Modern companies are looking to modular commerce solutions for flexibility, extensibility and future-proofing. We can help!
B2B, B2C, D2C (eCommerce)
CMS, Information site, Punch Out
Design -> Development -> Implementation -> Continuous Improvement Plan
Composable Commerce

Core Industries

We specialize in providing innovative ecommerce strategies across various industries such as B2B, B2C, D2C, PunchOut, and Brochure-style, ensuring your business can thrive in today's marketplace
Our ecommerce solutions ensure seamless integration with your existing ERP and CRM systems. Our platforms are designed to support wholesalers, retailers, partners, and customers.
Fusionary’s platforms are designed to support the unique challenges of B2B and D2C manufacturing: manage complex inventories, coordinate large-scale orders, and integrate production schedules.
Our Ed-Tech user experiences are designed to support a wide range of educational content and delivery methods for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
Meet the demands of modern consumers with retail platforms optimized for performance, scalability, and SEO. Compete with giants like Amazon through custom integrations such as AI search and fast shipping.
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namebrand shoes, hat, video game system, purse, watch, belt, card
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Steelcase lounge area with benches and table
Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
General Motors Factory Line
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From delivering a complex ecommerce site to architecting and designing a POS system, we have partnered with Detroit Axle to tackle some very large organizational inefficiencies.

"I rely on them daily, and they’ve really been an extension of my team.”

Catherine Davis
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Digital Realty
We go above and beyond for our clients
Not Your Average Code-Monkeys

We're different than the average software group. Fusionary offers a full consulting experience combined with polished execution.

Our business and tech consultants will work to understand your concerns, see your vision, and define an actionable strategy to reach it.

From start to finish, we've got this. We lead the effort, taking the burden from your shoulders and getting the job done right.

96% on time delivery in 2023

We have a shorter delivery time. If a company says 9 months, we are more like 6 months.

On Budget

We prevent customers from failed implementations.

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During, the first two weeks of your go live every issue is treated as a Level 1 priority.

Trusted Advisor

We do what works. We don’t pitch solutions that don’t work.

Average 15+ year experience

Our team is experienced. Our developers and designers are consultants first.

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Sometimes all it takes is an objective evaluation from an outside expert to jump-start effective change. Our business and tech consultants will understand your problem, see your vision, and help you define an actionable strategy to reach it.