Project Details
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In 2018, Fusionary helped StockX launch a news site built on a flexible WordPress CMS platform that enabled their team to create rich product experiences and generate organic traffic. StockX has a variety of products being sold online and they wanted a true, enlightening experience for all their customers. In 2021, a dynamic redesign helped elevate StockX again and gave them even more control over their assets and website languages. Today, the website can be translated into over 10 languages to customers around the world.

The Problem

StockX sells pop culture memorabilia around the globe and they quickly understood the need to have a fully functional website that could be translated into major languages. The user experience is much improved when you can read a website in your local language. StockX wanted to implement numerous language options into the site.

How We Helped

Fusionary developed the functionality to choose certain languages and other core website features like a landing page builder for social media campaigns. A third-party Wordpress app was used along with Fusionary developers' expertise to create an easy way for customers to select a language.

Known Challenges

Our goal with the StockX blog was to make complex things look simple and the results show. The header and footer sync simplifies complex changes between the main site and the blog. The search integrations are seamless. An improved organization of taxonomies simplifies the content, and the structured flexibility of article content is straight forward.

What about SEO?

Working with the client’s development team, we solved how two independent sites can hold value only to, driving traffic and search results to the main site.

We also set up Google Structured Content for the articles, which helps improve visibility in search engines.

Content + Development sync
We worked with the StockX development team to replicate the header and footer for the blog, also known as "The Bread." This functionality allows the header and footer to stay up to date with while the interior of the page can be as flexible as needed.
Content modeling
The former "News" site was organized by only two taxonomies: Categories and Tags. We needed more options to provide a content-rich flexible site, so we added two additional taxonomies: Verticals and Brands. Instead of using a default WordPress search tool, we used Algolia. Updated blog content is automatically updated in the search index too so that blog content can be searched anywhere on
Content migration
There was a lot of articles to tag and migrate, with more being added constantly and we couldn't disrupt the flow of business. First we pulled all of the content from the live site into a staging environment so we could edit the taxonomies for existing articles while new content was still being generated on the production site. By the time we were ready to go live, StockX’s content generation team had grown the collection from 500 articles to over 3,500 content pieces.
Easy editing
The client needed lots of flexibility in the article format so that an admin could easily drop in copy, add images or video and change the order of these elements. We modularized the way articles could be displayed by building custom modules within the editor so admins can choose a module and simply drag and drop them in place. We also built a custom algorithm for related articles by creating filter variances to determine what can be considered a related article.
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