Fusionary Selected as ArtPrize Technology Partner

Advancing Digital Accessibility and User Engagement for All ArtPrize Participants
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Grand Rapids, MI - Fusionary, a leader in digital strategy and software development, is thrilled to announce its partnership with ArtPrize, the acclaimed art competition and festival that has captured the creative spirit of Grand Rapids since 2009. This partnership aims to revamp and enhance the digital capabilities of ArtPrize, providing a seamless, engaging experience for both artists and audiences.

Through this collaboration, Fusionary has overhauled the ArtPrize public-facing website, with improved   user experience design, while integrating advanced functionalities that allow for easier content management. Notably, Fusionary has implemented a sophisticated portal that connects artists with venues, laying a robust digital foundation for future ArtPrize competitions.

Catlin Whitington, ArtPrize Executive Director, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "We are excited to be working with Fusionary as our technology partner to update our website and build a user-friendly registration system for ArtPrize venues and artists. This system provides an improved participant experience for 2024 and beyond."

Sam Kasgorgis, President and CEO of Fusionary, shared his remarks on the partnership: "Our partnership with ArtPrize marks a major achievement for Fusionary. Leveraging our technological proficiency, we are dedicated to empowering ArtPrize's goal of uniting the community through art. Our focus extends beyond improving digital platforms; it's about cultivating and enriching the user experience through digital engagements while preserving ArtPrize's heritage."  

By combining Fusionary's digital background with ArtPrize's vibrant cultural platform, this technology partnership is set to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of this iconic event for attendees and vendors for years to come. Both organizations are committed to maintaining the excitement and engagement that ArtPrize is known for, while also setting new standards in digital interaction for cultural events around the West Michigan community.

About Fusionary:

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fusionary is a digital agency and software consulting firm specializing in digital commerce, digital strategy, business process automation, and custom software development. At Fusionary, we specialize in headless and composable commerce, catering to the unique needs of businesses across B2B and B2C sectors. Our expertise extends beyond commerce to encompass UI/UX design, ensuring seamless and engaging user experiences. As a trusted advisor, we guide our clients through every step of their digital journey, from roadmap planning to execution, delivering tailored solutions that drive growth. We recognize the evolving landscape of commerce and understand the importance of flexibility, extensibility, and future-proofing for today's enterprises. 

About ArtPrize:

ArtPrize is an annual, open, independently organized, international art competition that celebrates creative expression, bringing together art enthusiasts, artists, and the community. Since its inception, ArtPrize has aimed to showcase the transformative power of art and foster a culture of creativity.

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