Fusionary & Magnum Microsystems Announce Strategic Partnership

Fusionary and Magnum Microsystems are happy to announce a strategic partnership to leverage each company’s expertise. With over three decades of expertise, Magnum Microsystems is a trendsetting provider of top-of-the-line hardware and embedded solutions.
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December 19, 2023

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They remain at the forefront in keeping up with innovation to offer quality products and services that meet client needs. As a longtime developer of radio frequency-based embedded solutions and solar power charging networks, Magnum Microsystems will capitalize on Fusionary’s industry-leading Web & Mobile application development services. Today, both parties announced a partnership to develop solutions that combine Fusionary’s web and mobile app experience in the IoT industry with Magnum Microsystems’ hardware and embedded IoT solutions. The long-term partnership will aim to support clients in need of complete IoT solutions.

“IoT is a growing force that requires secure, integrated technology powered by robust hardware and software to enable reliable functionality across its ever-expanding suite of devices. To complete the IoT experience for suppliers and users alike, Fusionary must pave the way with efficient mobile apps plus Enterprise Management systems seamlessly connected through web interfaces – all in perfect sync!”

"Additionally, I have to say that Ted Stokes, President and CEO of Magnum Microsystems and I have worked together for a few multinational semiconductor companies over the years, promoting and supporting IoT technology and it gives me great pleasure to work with my friend Ted again on the integration and a seamless connectivity solutions to our clients.” said Sam Kasgorgis, President & CEO of Fusionary.

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