Fusionary Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with DynamicWeb

This collaboration sets the stage for transformative digital commerce solutions, empowering businesses across sectors.
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Grand Rapids, MI - Fusionary is excited to announce a strategic partnership with DynamicWeb, a trailblazer in integrated eCommerce, CMS, PIM, and marketing solutions. This partnership represents a convergence of Fusionary's deep-rooted expertise in business and software consulting with DynamicWeb's innovative all-in-one platform. Together, we aim to revolutionize the eCommerce landscape, offering clients enhanced capabilities to drive growth, improve customer engagement, and optimize operations.

Sam Kasgorgis, President and CEO of Fusionary, shared his perspective on the collaboration: "Joining forces with DynamicWeb is a pivotal move for us. It enables us to equip our clients with state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions, perfectly aligned with our mission to transform businesses with advanced technology and customized approaches."

Ryan Meade, Chief Alliance Officer at DynamicWeb, highlighted the mutual benefits of this partnership: "Fusionary's exceptional insights into digital commerce implementation make them an invaluable partner. Together, we're poised to deliver sophisticated eCommerce strategies that cater to the intricate needs of today's businesses. We're thrilled about the possibilities this partnership holds and the innovative solutions we'll bring to the forefront."

By merging DynamicWeb's innovative technological offerings with Fusionary's strategic acumen and implementation prowess, this partnership is set to redefine what businesses can achieve in the digital space. It marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to fostering growth, enhancing customer experiences, and streamlining business operations across the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sectors. With this alliance, Fusionary and DynamicWeb are not just responding to the evolving demands of the market; we're anticipating them, setting a new benchmark for excellence in digital commerce solutions.

About Fusionary:

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fusionary is a digital agency and software consulting firm specializing in digital commerce, digital strategy, and custom software development. At Fusionary, we specialize in headless and composable commerce, catering to the unique needs of businesses across B2B and B2C sectors. Our expertise extends beyond commerce to encompass UI/UX design, ensuring seamless and engaging user experiences. As a trusted advisor, we guide our clients through every step of their digital journey, from roadmap planning to execution, delivering tailored solutions that drive growth. We recognize the evolving landscape of commerce and understand the importance of flexibility, extensibility, and future-proofing for today's enterprises.

Whether you're seeking agility, scalability, or a competitive edge, Fusionary is dedicated to crafting solutions that drive your success in the digital realm.

About DynamicWeb:

DynamicWeb is an all-in-one eCommerce Suite that includes eCommerce, Content Management (CMS), Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Marketing tools. Our unified platform makes it easy for B2B and B2C sellers to scale faster and personalize, automate and enrich the eCommerce experience across sales and marketing channels.

DynamicWeb has more than 300 partners in offices around the globe supporting over 4,000 brands in industries like manufacturing, distribution and wholesale, retail, horticulture, wine & spirits, and niche B2B or B2C customer portal environments. Built on DynamicWeb, our customers are empowered to modernize their customer experiences, build lasting relationships, increase revenue and grow their brands.

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