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SPAX USA Selects Fusionary for B2B Digital Transformation

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SPAX (a brand of Altenloh, Brinck, and Co. US, Inc.), a manufacturer of construction screws and fasteners, is excited to announce its partnership with Fusionary! This long-term partnership will allow both companies to leverage each other’s strengths and provide the best possible service to their clients. Fusionary is committed to streamlining the manufacturer’s sales processes by simplifying product search, improving the customer journey, and enhancing the website’s overall user experience.

“We at Altenloh, Brinck, and Co. US (SPAX) were looking for a partnership that would help address our software and website needs both now, and in the future. Fusionary’s team stepped up to address those needs and to provide solutions to our challenges. We look forward to expanding both of our team’s growth through this partnership.”

Mitchell Mahler, General Manager – eCommerce

The metal fabrication industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and materials being manufactured and distributed worldwide. Businesses like SPAX that operate within this industry recognize the importance of innovation and understand that they must be prepared to adapt in order to stay competitive.

Keys to the new SPAX solution design and development include supporting multiple sales channels while managing “Product Selection” and “Sample Request” inquiries in an automated way. In addition, Fusionary’s integrated solutions include enhancing educational content through Learning Center resources to create a user experience unparalleled in the industry.

“Fusionary is excited to partner with SPAX USA and the opportunity to work with their innovative team of marketers and technical staff. The transformation of the SPAX USA platform to provide efficiencies and allow their organization to deliver strong content and a robust customer experience to all B2B partners.”

Sam Kasgorgis, Fusionary’s President
About SPAX

SPAX is a brand of ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. of Ennepetal, Germany, founded in 1823. SPAX screws were first introduced to the European market in 1967 as a revolutionary line of multi-material construction fasteners. Today, the SPAX brand represents a broad selection of engineered fasteners for the construction industry and symbolizes the highest quality fastening solutions.

SPAX is one of the most recognized brands in Europe today. SPAX Multi-purpose Construction Screws and PowerLags were introduced to the US market in 1997. They are sold nationwide through leading home improvement centers, hardware, fastener distribution chains, and in a growing number of lumber and building material dealers. Since 2006, SPAX fasteners marketed in North America have been manufactured in Bryan, Ohio, which is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

About Fusionary

Established in 1995, Fusionary is a diverse team of strategists and visionaries collaborating to help businesses navigate digital transformations. We are a results-driven, innovative partner who works closely with each client to define digital strategies and roadmaps tailored to their business. Using consistent and cost-effective automated processes, Fusionary helps simplify both back-office and customer-facing procedures for businesses. From strategy to implementation, Fusionary excels at partnering with companies to identify their challenges, define their objectives, and establish system solutions that add value.

For more information about our development and consulting services, visit Fusionary

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