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Project Details
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Sales professionals at Wallside Windows understood that the estimating process was antiquated and they needed a portable, quick solution for estimating a new window project. Sales reps were still using handwritten, carbon copy paper estimates. Everyone would benefit from a digital, easy-to-use tool that created quotes in an electronic format, ready to send on to the next step in the process.


Wallside needed a custom app to support their sales team in the field. While visiting on-site with a customer, the rep would need to be able to add windows to a quote, enter measurements and specifications for each product, and get an accurate estimate of the project including products and labor. This app would replace the handwritten form that had been used for years.


  • Needed to be easy to use on a tablet device to allow salespeople to enter all the necessary specs and measurements while walking through the home and interacting with the prospective customer.
  • Needed to include all of the possible variations of each product, and be quick to load so there wasn’t excessive page loading time during the sales call.
App Adoption

The app is now being used by all sales staff, providing them with the tool they need to complete a sales quote in the field on the fly.

Looking Ahead

The roadmap includes new features like integrations with a CRM and a new ERP system to help reps complete the full sales process – from sales calls to signed contracts to manufacturing to online payment.

Quote Generator for Windows

Wallside Windows is a family owned and operated company that sells, manufactures, and installs fiberglass windows. They service Michigan and parts of Ohio, and have roughly 140 employees.
Wallside sales reps often travel to a customers home to do an on-location analysis and guide clients through their window buying process. The old carbon copy quote forms were time-consuming and often lead to misinterpretation of information or incomplete details.
How We Helped
Fusionary worked with Wallside to design Configure Price Quote tool for sales staff. The web app enables reps to show clients various window configurations and options, adjust quotes on the fly, and better service their customers. In the future, completed quotes will be automatically sent from the CPQ tool and integrated into Wallside’s CRM system.