Seesaw Learning

Project Details
Seesaw Logo
Seesaw is a platform for students, teachers, and parents to all stay in the learning loop. With the rise of remote and hybrid learning models, the demand for online education software has increased dramatically. Seesaw was getting ready to introduce a new brand identity and needed a redesigned website as well. The timeline was very aggressive, with only 14 weeks until launch.

Multimodal Platform

Thanks to award-winning multimodal tools, Seesaw lets students to show what they know and share their work with teachers and family. With a variety of activity options, students of all ages and abilities are empowered to collaborate with their peers, build on their knowledge, and share in meaningful ways.

Flexible Scope

We had only 14 weeks from kick-off to launch with some very high goals for the site. During the discovery workshop we focused on messaging and must-have features with the understanding that plenty of collaboration would be needed from the client. We met weekly to discuss and negotiate the deliverables so that the site could launch on time, within budget, and with as many features as possible.

Brand Identity

As we started our design, the client was just finishing a completely updated visual identity system including new logo, color usage guidelines, photography and illustration. They provided us with a full library of visual elements to utilize which informed many of our design decisions and helped us deliver a design that was perfectly on brand.

Engaging Education

Seesaw supports two-way communication between school and home. With automatic translation into 100+ languages, teachers and students can easily share with families and guardians.

Seesaw's intuitive multimodal tools allow students to become creators, making audio and video recordings, capturing their work, and building a digital portfolio to share at home.

Feature-Rich Solutions

Accessibility was a top priority for the new Seesaw site, with the goal being WCAG Level AA compliant. Accessibility was part of the entire project, from design to launch. We also performed regular testing during development so that we were always staying on target.
The EdTech industry is seeing a trend towards personalized and adaptive learning software, which tailors content to the unique needs and preferences of individual learners. Seesaw's marketing site was no different: it needed to provide a personalized experience for each type of user, whether parent, educator, or administrator. We built into the site the ability to categorize content for each user type so they could speak directly to each person's needs.
With a growing user base in Canada, Australia, and the UK, Seesaw will be customizing site content to address each countries specific needs and goals. We included in the site architecture solution a multi-site CMS so that admins can customize both images and text on key pages, and users can be automatically routed to their site based on geographic location.