Kate Mora Woods Helps Kids Learn Code for {MI}Code - Fusionary

Kate Mora Woods Helps Kids Learn Code for {MI}Code

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One of Fusionary’s project managers had the opportunity to #giveback to her former elementary school recently. The experience was facilitated by {MI}Code Experience and is specifically designed for younger students.

“Volunteering for {MI}Code Experience – Hour of Code was so fun! I could tell right away that the kids were excited to be learning about computer programming and how to write code. What a gift to be able to share this with them – especially since this was the school I went to as a child! I attended 1st through 5th grade at Cannonsburg Elementary School, back when it was only 3 classrooms. The school is quite a bit bigger now, but the people and children are still as great as I remember. I’m so happy I got to help inspire our next generation of computer scientists!,” Kate Mora Woods said.

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