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Cookie Management for Business Websites

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In 2022 and today’s digital environment, your business should be prepared and have a web cookie policy for your website. A cookie on the web can attach to your Internet Protocol (IP) number and follow you, gathering all sorts of personal information. On top of that, today your business website should meet standards on security with a cookie banner. Welcome to cookie management 101, a quick guide to help you think about your business and digital transformation.

Internet cookies are a very common thing to work with in the digital, business environment. Don’t be intimidated by the whole “standards” speech, we can break it down for you and give you the knowledge you need to make a sound, cookie protocol for your website. Today’s average consumer is becoming more and more aware of how businesses use and store their personal data. They expect to be informed and in control of how their personal data is used. People don’t want to have their information stolen from visiting a website anymore in 2022.

“Cookie consent is becoming increasingly prevalent as more people push to keep large companies from selling their information. Sure, it’s also required by law in some countries and states, but there’s more to it than that. It’s about transparency and trust — showing your users that you take their privacy seriously and giving them the controls to manage the data they may not even know is being collected,” Fusionary Web Developer Bob VanLonkhuyzen said.

What is a HTTP/Web/Internet cookie?
HTTP cookies (also called web cookies, Internet cookies, browser cookies, or simply cookies) are small blocks of data/information created by a web server while a user is browsing a website and placed on the user’s computer or other device by the user’s web browser. Cookies are placed on the device used to access a website, and more than one cookie may be placed on a user’s device during a single session.

How is a web cookie bad or negative to me?
A cookie can have many different types of uses, some good such as remembering your preferences and some bad such as stealing your personal information. Cookies can be a very useful tool, ever wonder how your web browser remembers your login passwords? Cookies. However, most cookies follow you when you’ve been to certain websites and can capture/give your personal information/IP address/email to businesses across the globe. A general breakdown of positive vs. negative cookies is that around 80% of cookies currently perform negative tasks and 20% are performing needed, helpful tasks.

What are common practices and regulations for business?
Different areas of the world have different regulations/rules you must follow about tracking people digitally. For instance, California has regulations against cookie trackers, same as the European Union. In 2022, many states do not have laws that pertain to tracking people on the internet. Do you sometimes wonder how you get an email from a company you just checked out on the internet, clicked a few pages on a specific product website? A cookie has tracked you, that is how.

How can Fusionary help your business with cookies?
Fusionary can help any business with their digital needs. We have partnered with OneTrust, an industry leading cookie consent management application. Have you ever seen a website with a small cookie banner at the bottom, we can help you do that and more. There is so much needed security on your website today, and cookies are just one part of the puzzle. Fusionary can assist you in making good, sound decisions for your online presence and help transform your website to a robust, business tool.

What is the Fusionary Process?
The Fusionary development process is distinctive, precise and adaptable to any business or cookie management. We will start with research and strategy, go to user experience/design, testing, development, launch, and round off with support and any necessary training. We believe in listening to our clients, understanding what they want/need and then developing the best solution possible.

How can Fusionary help you and your digital business resources?

Fusionary is an award-winning software development agency specializing in the design, development, marketing and management of digital solutions. The 26-year-old company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI with a nationwide portfolio of clients.

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